no. 73


of light in the dark, no. 5

the ship, buoyed on all sides, knows neither up nor down

no push, no pull in this place where suspension is its only companion


the rendering of existence almost impossible in this place


that is how dark it is; obsidian and ink, ebony and pitch fall short

but all light has not been swallowed by infinitum’s jaws


like odysseus, the captain has tied himself to the mast

he sees multitudes, cosmic wingless fireflies

they are the stars that will serenade him


his crew will not listen, they plug at their control boards busily

as he bravely faces the music of the ages, traveling at the speed of sound


he hears all they refuse to note; sees all they do not wish to observe

he is consumed by its excruciating beauty and struggles to free himself

from his tethers to follow the brightest beacon


he knows they will soon be home

(written 16 april 2018)