first blog post, also known as no. 1

hello out there. yes, this is my very first post here, i think. however, as novice as i’d like to feel, i’d be lying if i said this was truly my first blog.

i may (i will claim plausible deniability as to the details) have tried to write a blog (quite unsuccessfully, i might add) many many years ago, when blogging first came about and all was novel with such pastimes.

what is my reason for making a second attempt, aside from the multitude of really attractive-looking do-it-yourself blogging formats? writing. that’s the reason. i have been recently plagued with the desire to write, mostly flash fiction (what a sexy moniker) and poetry. and a plague it is, especially because it comes to me at all unacceptable hours of the day and night. i’m not sure, but i would wager a guess that this is the way many writers feel, and i’m keen to make acquaintance with those lucky individuals.

but as much as the urge to write can be a malediction of sorts, it has served as a blessed outlet for the inner machinations of my brain, which has lain partially dormant for an embarrassing number of years.

and i will not stand for that any more. not one more moment.

and so it begins.

i will endeavor to place entertaining bits and pieces here, illustrated by my own trial-and-error photography or pencil drawings. it would please me greatly if you would:

read. enjoy (as the spirit moves you). perhaps write a bit of your own (on your own paper, of course).

and as i’m a closet rule-follower and stickler for a modicum of tasteful and polite commentary, i will give consideration to pertinent discussion, constructive criticism, and even (gasp!) complimentary statements. needless to say, anything unfitting or inappropriate will be removed.

and as they say in my little corner of the world, welcome!

mariah (aka hupsutupsu)

…not my first go-round

and probably not my last.

my hope, my dream, is that this will be the space, the place

for my attempts at poetry and prose.

i extend an invitation, i shake your hand in both of mine

(yes, one of those over-confident, extroverted handshakes),

i exhort you, my hoped-for reader,

to read my poems and prose gently.  but be assured

that i am no push-over, no sad-sack awaiting denigration

or conversely, exaltation.

i welcome your polite (even critical) conversation

this is not my first go-round, and i fully intend

to enjoy this ride for the both of us,

letting the words flow as they will, perhaps willy-nilly,

for our mutual entertainment.

inspired by…

…so many poets, from so many eras.  but recently, i came to a realization that shattered my illusions about the poetry of the past. the classic poets i read as a child and young adult would not have been writing for someone like me.  keeping this in mind, every once in a while i am going to sift through the sands of literature to find one such poem and have a conversation with it.

you can see the first one here.

and the second one is here