no. 79

Sonnet V

He pulls his fingers through dark tangled curls

A babe no more, he wants she’ll never age;

Remain forever young, his little girl

Turn back fleet time! Not on to’ard the next stage.

Wait, but no, his heart does play cruel tricks,

For he would yearn to see her grow and learn;

To help her when her problems need a fix,

See failure and success, each bend and turn;

How full of bitter sweetness is his heart

He cannot help but spool the threads of time:

Preserving that with which he cannot part,

Imagining her youth, her blooming prime;

A father pulls his daughter close and sighs,

Wipes tears, both sad and joyful, from his eyes.

(written 3 may 2018)

no. 26 sonnetry

this poem is dedicated to those who have suffered the occasional bout of foot-in-mouth syndrome (either on the giving or receiving end).


Can birds, once flown afar be called to home?

Can thoughts, once spoken ever be repealed?

Their flight finds them unwelcomed where they roam;

Their trech’rous journey brings them back annealed.

So when I uttered words that broke your heart,

So calmly tore the wings that gave you flight;

Your silence, deafening, tore us apart,

Your yielding forced me out: I was not right.

And no apologies could staunch those wounds,

And actions, just as mute, could not suffice;

I loosed my birds, their beaks sharp as harpoons,

I said my piece, and now I’ll pay the price.

For thoughts grow stronger, spoken, loud and brash

And hearts receiving only feel their lash.

(written 16 november 2017)

no. 19 sonnetry


if we but for a moment dance and sing

we’d find that life is full and ripe, not dull

our legs are nimble, arms are really wings

our voices carry tunes, sweet, rich and full

why waste time on frivolities like those?

when moments shift to days and days to years

perhaps we will find lives so full of woes

for dance and song won’t hold at bay life’s fears

but wait, cannot the happiness we feel

as graceful bodies celebrate their worth

take sad thoughts, injuries and help them heal

in elder days prove keys to youth’s rebirth

yes, now while in life’s spring we have a chance

let’s not sit idle, yes, let’s sing and dance!

(written 18 december 2017)

no. 15 sonnetry

i am not fond of writing rhyming poetry. this being said, i decided to step out of the literary box of my own making and attempt a series of sonnets. this is the first. (oh, and of course it’s shakespearean; petrarchan sonnets are far too out of the box for me right now…)


Oh love, oh boundless well of heart’s desire

Why cannot souls, contented, be so sure?

Why must we long that hearts be set afire

Oh happiness, once found, must be endured

Yes, some would seek love in a quiet way

Yes, some will bask in love so sweet and warm

To cherish moments simple, everyday

Yet others yearn for passion like a storm

Do we, true loves, safe adoration take

And care for one another, hearts and minds

Do not pursue rash lust, as hearts will break

And settle for a loyalty that binds

Or do we live for love that’s drama driv’n

Forsaking true love that’s been freely giv’n?

(written 10 november 2017)