no. 68

here’s a double-shot of poetry today–one micro, one macro.

natural rebellion, part 1

in a land of flowing tresses

curly hair is a political act

(written 18 april 2018)

natural rebellion, part 2


thorn-less brambles



declaring war with their

‘nasty,’ lazily independent stance

(don’t you know, this effortlessness takes hours to achieve)

even their owners are owned by them

in a constant state of appeasement

bottles, tubs, all manner of unguents grace the

interior of cabinets

altars to that which will not be tamed

without the most chemical of weapons


the demand for freedom

is hard won but for some the reward is just

and the result even pleasing

jealousy inducing

it is no longer a tangle of epic proportions

yet it still has a will of its own

demanding reparations, affirmations

occasionally sending a warning reminder in the form

of wayward ringlets or frizzy ‘fros

to be worn with pride

(written 18 april 2018)