now that 100 is breached…

…i’m going to take a little hiatus

dear readers, this will only be a break of sorts.  by this, i mean that i will not post every day, but only as the spirit moves me.  there’s a lot of exciting transitioning going on in my neck of the woods, so i may be distracted.  and of course, in the mean time, i will indeed be reading and writing poetry to keep in form.  and then, when i least expect it, there will be time to post every day again…


mariahv (hupsutupsu)


one hundred, of sorts

dearest readers,

i’m closing-in on no. 100, although it’s not my 100th post, nor is it my 100th poem on this blog.  but in my catalog of poetry, i’ve categorized mundane musings separately from my other poetry.  so really, i guess it’s 100 poems PLUS thirty-six mundane musings, PLUS a couple of poems classified as ‘conversations’.  and of course, my short fiction.  all in the span of about six months!

i can’t tell you all what an accomplishment this is for me.  and yes, i’m brazenly tooting my own horn here.  since i started this blog last december, i’ve been posting a piece of writing almost every day, with the exception of two short hiatuses.  writing a piece of my heart daily is something i’ve never been able to do before–journals, diaries, creative writing–they all fell to the wayside after a few days or weeks when i got too busy or didn’t feel the impetus to pick up a writing implement or sit at the computer.

thank you all for staying with me here.  i know i’ve made a few thank-you posts here already, but i must take a moment again to revel in the thought that all of you out there have helped to make me accountable to my writing goal.  and this goal was simply to find the confidence and strength to share pieces of myself without embarrassment or worry.


mariahv (hupsutupsu)

the one hundred

my dear readers,

it’s been over one hundred days, over one hundred posts.

but today i saw that i reached one hundred followers(!), and i wanted to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read, perhaps reflect, and choose to keep up with my writing by following.  i can’t tell you how honored i feel.

as always, your amazing thoughts are welcome–i’m always happy to engage in a little dialogue about poetry and prose.  and of course, constructive ideas are appreciated!

much gratitude,


Book Review: Nicholas Gagnier’s Free Verse Revolution: The Collection (2010-2017) by Mariah Voutilainen

and here, Indie Blu(e)’s first review!

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Nicholas Gagnier’s Free Verse Revolution: The Collection (2010-2017) is a farewell describing a difficult but fruitful journey

By Mariah Voutilainen

If this is your first introduction to Nicholas Gagnier’s work, as it was mine, you will find within the pages of Free Verse Revolution:  The Collection (2010-2017) a testament to the power of writing in the face of a life lived with personal traumas and challenges that have led to successes.  In the preface, he writes that “poetry did more than any therapist or medication could,” and this is evident in the poems collected within this eight-part anthology.  It would have been interesting to know where each poem stood in the chronology of his work to get a sense of how his style developed over time in the context of his personal experiences.  Still, in reading, we are made privy to Gagnier’s struggles as a very young writer growing up…

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Coming soon: Indie Blu(e)

i am extremely honored to have been invited to join the ranks of writer-promoters extraordinaire christine ray, kindra m. austin and jimmi campkin as we launch a new endeavor, Indie Blu(e).  if you are interested (which i’m sure that many of you are) in self-/small independent press- publications, Indie Blu(e) is the place to look for book reviews and author interviews.

spread the word!

Brave & Reckless

Kindra Austin, Jimmi Campkin, Christine Ray and Mariah Voutilainen are excited to announce that they will soon be launching Indie Blu(e). Indie Blu(e) is designed to be a vehicle to support both self-published writers and those published through small independent presses, as well as the readers who are passionate about independent writing. The concept for Indie Blu(e) grew out of the idea that individually, independent writers have reach through word of mouth and social media, but that this reach could grow significantly if they networked with other independent writers to shine a spotlight on their collected body of work.

The founders of Indie Blu(e) will offer a home for curated writers to promote their books, provide readers with honest, thoughtfully crafted book reviews and the opportunity to learn more about the member writers. Indie Blu(e) strives to be a hub for the type of edgy, high-quality writing that the…

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a day for thought

i was perusing all of my work, deciding what to put up, and find that i’m at a little bit of quandary as to what should live here today…

and then i realized that maybe that means today is a day for thought rather than choice.

i’ll sit on that for a while, and maybe a burst of inspiration will make something new sprout from my brain, or perhaps convince me that an unready poem or short story in need of editing deserves an opportunity to shine.

hope everyone is having a lovely sunday.


so, i’ve a question…or more precisely, a request…

hello my lovely visitors, friends and fellow bloggers:

first, much gratitude to all of you.  i feel that in its own little way, this mundane blog of mine is keeping me busy and inspired to write.  it charges me up to see the little stars light up next to my posts, and i revel in the opportunity to read, enjoy and respond to others’ work.  and at only four months on, i’m starting to see regulars (you know who you are, and i thank you so much for being here)–huzzah!

this being said, i’d like to make a little request.

if you have the time and inclination, i would love to know what you think beyond the stars. (surprise!  i guess that is in part why we’re all here!) does what i’m writing get you?  do you get it beyond the fine sheen of enjoyment that comes from reading something someone else’s imagination has conjured up? i’m genuinely curious to know how what i write comes across to others.  i hope that through engaging with you all, i can grow as a maker of poems and short fiction…

thanks to those of you who have left little gems of thought next to my poems, i truly relish reading them and responding.

–hupsutupsu (aka mariahv)