about mariahv

i was made, born and raised in the usa, and call seattle, washington my home. now almost three years into a temporarily permanent residency in the land of the finns, i make english language poetry and prose by the light of the midnight sun.

(re)imagining the mundane is my reason for writing.  even the most simple can be imbued with marvel, and that is what i attempt to do from this northern latitude, nestled somewhere between the forest floor and the sky.

i revel in midwinter midday darkness lit by candles and snow, and am occasionally convinced to partake in a snow-fight or two with my three finnish-american children and husband.  i can always be convinced to eat dessert, especially if it’s mämmi.


a little bit about copyright:  all original poetry, prose, photos and drawings on this site belong to me, mariah voutilainen.  use without permission is just plain wrong, so don’t plagiarize.  all other credited materials on this site can be found at their original locations per my citations.