mundane musing the thirtieth


I long for the green saplings of asparagus

Inexplicably I savor even their woody stalks

Like a punishment, fibrous and cleansing

I am mostly disallowed from eating vegetables

Instead consuming processed sugars and

Refined grains out of necessity for nourishment

Of some kind

I dream that perchance, when not surveilled

I puree deep purple roasted aubergines

Savor courgettes fried in butter and olive oil

I barely season them

They are delectable in the nude

And I eat them in secret

My eyes wander the food desert of my


My wrinkled bag of a stomach protests

Its dedication to cheese and milk products

Searching for something less

Child-like to eat

The bitterness of gourds and greens

The spiciness of radish and dandelion

I open the cupboard

Chock-full of bread and noodles

Cookies and sweets

Bottles of wine sleeping on their sides

They appease me for a while

Strange, but sometimes I wish I were a


Gleefully grazing, a happy herbivore

Dutifully digesting multiple times

(written 22 april 2018)

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when writing, i am at my most preoccupied with the intricate workings of the world.

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