no. 72

maslow’s hierarchy

the repetitive stress injury of everyday life

the machination of bodies, arms and legs

hearts beating mechanically, emotions rife

with strained elation; the soul begs

crying for more as days begin again,

days looped in empty first world crisis

kids demand tech, won’t read or count to ten

won’t eat their meat and rice, is

that the way it’s always been?

brown billions eke it out without complaint

not daring to imagine simple riches unseen

the rich/west gifts and cries to be named saint

is it that we really need?

into our golden coffers

stripped of all agency, the poor bleed

devoid of empathy are our offers

still the world: why must it go round and round

open-mouthed screams make no sound

self-actualization sprouts from what seed

what is it that we really need?

(written 20 april 2018)

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when writing, i am at my most preoccupied with the intricate workings of the world.

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