no. 53

love poem number 15

there cocooned lies a piece of me

long separated yet

attached by fine threads

almost invisible

there swaddled lies a piece of you

ruddy chick cheeks

smooth as brushed velvet

there enveloped lies the result

when pieces of me met pieces of you

long feathered eyes

unfathomable spirit

we catch our breath

gazing upon our beautiful creation

(written 28 march 2018)

mundane musing the twenty-fifth


the seeds went into the tray just the other day

sprinkled on top of crumb cake earth so rich and dark

it was difficult to tamp down the urge to bring

some to mouth

would it nourish this body

was the thought that came to mind

and the mind, so full of competing thoughts

of revulsion and compulsion

finally conjured up most unpleasant imagery

to ward off that repulsive hunger

but the seeds were there, ready to heed the

imperative to grow

and now they’re sprouting

soon they will send green shoots up to match

the tiny feeding rootlets below

uniform in their stretch to the light

and dark networks

if these toes were planted

would they grow roots

would arms mimic grass and reach for the sun?

(written 29 march 2018)

no. 51

of light in the dark, no. 3

light, bathe me

sun-drop, moon breath, aurora glow

submerge me in a heady liquor of

fast-moving electrons

unseen manifestations of dark matter

ultra-violet violence of particles

scour until the point of purification

until i glow like the stars

in the black sea of the universe

(written 26 march, 2018)

no. 50


how old do you think this face is

unlined as it is

can you tell by the eyes?

myopic or full of clouds

do you have to touch it to know

the feel of the skin

what it has weathered

or is it the teeth

decades or scores of dutiful attention

have worn enamel thin so that clean

is no longer white

or maybe it’s the heart that betrays the years

for the creature underneath

(and yes, it is a creature of its own making

of unknown and unfathomable brightness)

feels as if it has been in this experience

for eons or moments

days pass like lightening strikes and

seconds like dripping molasses

and when its face turns toward the sun

it still revels in those moments

so long ago

when its creature heart was


(written 24 march 2018)